Española, Palawan

Pride in woven creativity

As early as 9 years old, Janeth S. Hanapi dodged stereotypes of women. She has pursued her community’s cultural traditions by learning basic weaving from her own mother, and later establishing her own weaving business.

Hanapi hailed from the Municipality of Sofronio Espanola in Palawan known for their weaving industry. The more than 100 weavers in the municipality have been writing their own unique narrative through the colored mats that they make based on mere creative instincts, meaning they do not follow ready patterns and designs but rather where their artistry leads them. Their creations are used as accents in hotels or framed as wall décor.

Hanapi’s business Jama Mapun Artisan Craft was established in 2004, with only five mat weavers. The business has since significantly grown from joining trade fairs and exhibits like the National Arts and Crafts Fair and Manila FAME to cite a few.

Their buyers feel art in their products, and have created a market response that allowed them not only touch other people with their creativity, but also to give more jobs to their weavers and raw materials partners.

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