La Paz, Abra

Weaving a colorful future

Somewhere in La Paz, Abra, it is but natural for community members to practice their weaving skills.

Like other weaving groups in the Cordillera, N. Ardaniel’s Loomweaving helped establish a stable income for the weavers by preserving their weaving traditions.

Using traditional looms, N. Ardaniel’s Loomweaving capitalized on their local heritage and created carefully handwoven products.

Different government agencies provided them with grants so they can expand their market. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) also gave them equipment under the Shared Service Facilities (SSF) project to help scale up production. The company also attended product development seminars and trainings.

With their skillfully crafted products, the company continued to receive support from the likes of Senator Loren Legarda. They were able to join trade fairs, expand their market, and promote their products.

Weaving has given N. Ardaniel’s Loomweaving an opportunity to make the weavers’ lives better, secure a stable income, and lead a colorful life as entrepreneurs.

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