Lindungawan Showroom and Cafe is an off-shoot of the Father Vincent Cullen Tulugan Learning and Development Center (FVCTLDC) Project of the Diocese of Malaybalay. It was established in 2010 under the Pamamahandi, a marketing mechanism that is designed to support the livelihood activities and products of forest dependent indigenous peoples and cottage industries in Bukidnon particularly but not exclusively to the Higaonon communities.

Lindungawan is envisioned to contribute to grassroots economy by providing long term marketing assistance to its business partners and help in the augmentation of their income by patronizing their local skills, local labor, locally-available materials and development of NTFP-based livelihoods.

While it supports its business partners, Lindungawan also generates its own income that would support its mother organization's ongoing social projects that are in line with educational, environmental and capacity building mission.

At the beginning of 2016, Lindungawan became the third branch of the San Isidro Diocesan Multi-purpose Cooperative (SILDIMCO). The move was in line with the program of the Diocese of Malaybalay to separate all business activities from its pastoral programs.

As Lindungawan embarks on its new status as a cooperative, it also takes on higher level of marketing activities by catering products from other communities within Mindanao. For the next five (5) years its vision is to be the model social enterprise of Bukidnon promoting cultural and environmental products from indigenous communities in Mindanao. It commits to offer cultural and environment-friendly products of high quality and standards to its target market.

Lindungawan is an active partner of NTFP-EP Philippines and a trading partner of Custom Made Crafts Center (CMCC). Aside from being the market link between the community producers and artisans and buyers, it also partners with NTFP-EP Philippines in mentoring community based enterprises.

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