Aklan Pina Mantra

The Aklan Piña and Indigenous Fibers Manufacturers & Traders (AKLAN PIÑA MANTRA ) Association, Inc. formerly Aklan Piña Manufacturers and Traders Association, Inc. was organized and established in 1998. The association is composed of 12 companies engaged in handloom weaving with the objective of helping each each members to grow and flourish in the loom weaving industry with the support from different agencies both government and non-government sectors. The association serves as an umbrella organization for all key players in the loom weaving sector and co-facilitated by various skills trainings, marketing activities and spearheaded the very first "Aklan Fiber Festival" in April 1999.

The artistry of the association members coupled with resurgence of local craftsmanship helped create a broader impact, not only to the weavers, but also to the local economy.

With their efforts to make local fibers part of everyday wearable, the association becomes responsible not just to the member weavers, but also to the whole community.

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